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Support the city Support the city 

In order to support the peace of mind of life,
What we can do.

Reinforced concrete structure that seems to be sturdy.
However, depending on the conditions of operation and the environment of the land, a wide variety of deterioration may occur and some measures such as repair may be required.
In order to use the structure for a long time and safely, it is important to carry out efficient maintenance by systematic investigation and diagnosis.
We support the efficient maintenance of concrete structures.
In order to contribute to the creation of a safe society through the investigation and diagnosis of concrete structures, we have adopted various investigation methods and are aiming for high-quality diagnosis.

3 reasons to be chosen


We have various investigation equipment.
Because it is one-stop, cost reduction and time reduction.

We own various investigation equipment by ourselves.
Not just one survey, we can perform multiple diagnostics by combining multiple types.
One-stop support also leads to cost reduction and time reduction.

With in-house software development and cloud introduction,
Smooth and seamless.

In addition to commercially available business software, we have developed our own original software to facilitate the work according to the survey, and we are constantly working to improve the efficiency of various work.
In addition, we will introduce the cloud to share data with each worker, and desk work such as data input will be possible at home.


Wide and abundant achievements.
Skilled staff will investigate.

Even in situations where advanced technology is required, we will respond with reliable technology backed by experience.
Leave it to a structural survey specialist.

We are responding in various sites,
regardless of architecture
and civil engineering.


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