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Investigation and diagnosis of concrete structures

We investigate and diagnose damage and deterioration phenomena such as cracks that occur in concrete by combining various methods according to the situation.

  • Visual inspection of appearance
  • Crack depth measurement
  • Concrete member thickness survey
  • Concrete internal exploration (ultrasonic test)
  • Concrete internal exploration (impact elastic wave test)
  • Internal exploration of concrete (ultrasonic tomography)
  • Buried object exploration (rebar exploration)
  • Compressive strength test
  • Neutralization test
  • Chipping survey
  • Chloride content analysis

Underground exploration

Using electromagnetic wave radar, etc., we will investigate the position of buried objects in the ground and the presence or absence of cavities.

  • Ground penetrating radar exploration
  • Exploration of buried objects (electromagnetic induction method)
  • Cavity survey

Other businesses

Structures other than concrete and we also conduct leak investigations and drone investigations.

  • Periodic inspection work for bridges, tunnels, water facilities, buildings, etc.
  • Tension test of tiles / coatings and post-installed anchors
  • Sewerage deterioration survey
  • Tunnel lining concrete survey
  • Fire investigation
  • Wood deterioration survey
  • Leakage investigation
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